Mitigation Plan Design, Site Search & Turnkey Wetland Mitigation

Following approval of the Mitigation site location, ASGECI will prepare the design of the Wetland Mitigation Plan. Staff performs the wetland delineation and hydrologic monitoring of the mitigation site in order to develop appropriate elevations for achieving wetland hydrology. ASGECI collects data on benchmark elevations of adjacent wetlands and existing soil characteristics are documented.

The Wetland Mitigation Plan includes site plans, a report describing the existing site, a hydrologic budget to determine how wetland hydrology will be achieved, topsoil and fertilizer specifications, a planting plan, invasive species control measures, herbivore control measures, and monitoring requirements. ASGECI submits the plan to the appropriate state or federal agency and incorporates any comments into the final plan.

ASGECI has designed mitigation plans approved by state agencies and the US Army Corps of Engineers; including plans for the creation, enhancement and restoration of freshwater and tidal wetlands, creation of intertidal and subtidal shallows, and restoration of stream channels and riparian zones. Our familiarity with native and non-native plant materials, as a result of our extensive field experience, enables us to successfully design planting plans and to recognize potential problems, such as may be posed by invasive species and wildlife herbivory.

Mitigation Site search
ASGECI will work with our client to perform a mitigation site search to identify potential sites among which a preferred site can be selected. ASGECI will assist in new review of identified sites and attend field meetings with our client and regulatory agency representatives following submission of the site search report to identify the sites with the highest potential for use for wetland mitigation. ASGECI has performed onsite and offsite searches for transportation and public and private development projects.
Turnkey Wetland Mitigation
ASGECI can also provide turnkey wetland mitigation services for clients that require offsite wetland mitigation. We can identify sites, design wetland mitigation plans, provide and oversee construction and perform construction monitoring services.
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