Aquatic And Marine Ecological Surveys

Amy Greene Environmental has performed Essential Fish Habitat Analysis for anadromous fish species in support of Environmental Impact Statements and U.S. Coast Guard Bridge applications for submission to the National Marine Fisheries Services in accordance with the Magnuson/Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

We have performed shellfish surveys, including freshwater mussel surveys for Federally and State-listed endangered and threatened species.

We have conducted Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Surveys as part of NJDEP Waterfront Development and Coastal Wetlands Permit applications and performed benthic macroinvertebrate and fish surveys as part of Ecological Risk Assessments, including tissue residue analysis for contaminants for aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms.

Project Examples: Glen Cove Ferry Terminal and Boat Basin Essential Fish Habitat Assessment
City of Glen Cove, Nassau County, New York
Client: City of Glen Cove and Urbitran Associates

Amy Greene Environmental conducted a field assessment of essential fish habitat and preparation of an Essential Fish Habitat Assessment Report pursuant to US Coast Guard and National Marine Fisheries Service requirements. The field investigation included a qualitive analysis of fish and shellfish species, salinity, identification of submerged aquatic vegetation, and wetlands.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Bridge#1922-151
Lafayette Township, Sussex County, NJ
Client: Arora and Associates and New Jersey Department of Transportation

We also conducted a freshwater mussel survey for the Federally endangered dwarf wedgemussel (Alasmidonta heterodon) and State threatened triangle floater (Alasmidonta undulata) in the Paulinskill River. This survey was conducted for the Bridge Scour Countermeasure project at the request of the USFWS and NJDEP. Eight triangle floaters and a spent shell of a dwarf wedgemussel were found during the survey.

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