Ecological Stormwater Management

Project Title: Foster Road Environmental Services
Project Location: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York
Project Client: Carp Construction Corporation
Project Sponsor: New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) & New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC)

Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc. was contracted to provide a full-time NYCDEP approved environmental restoration specialist to oversee the construction of improvements to the stormwater drainage system within the Lemon Creek watershed with an emphasis on the construction of multiple best management practice (BMP) stormwater facilities designed to improve stormwater storage and improve water quality. In addition, adjacent construction activities were monitored to ensure compliance with NYSDEC freshwater wetland permits and the approved erosion control plan.

ASGECI provided a full-time on-site Restoration Specialist to monitor project activities including BMP construction, restoration and planting; plant salvage, storage and maintenance; tree marking, removal and grubbing operations; and installation and maintenance of soil erosion and sediment control measures. ASGECI staff worked closely with representatives of the NYCDDC, NYSDEC, the NYCDEP, the general contractor and the on-site construction supervisor/project engineer to ensure compliance with the New York State Department of Conservation freshwater wetlands permit conditions. Inspection reports were prepared and submitted on a daily basis to the NYCDDC which included details of work activities, contract item quantities to be submitted for payment, photographs, site observations and project progress. BMP LC-9 was monitored for a period of three (3) years following final acceptance and corresponding, annual monitoring reports were submitted to NYCDEP addressing the condition of on-site vegetation and overall site conditions. ASGECI also monitored LC-9 as part of the contract required 3-year landscape guarantee period which included supervision of maintenance work activities (weeding, watering, fertilizing etc.), providing recommendations to augment/remediate areas with lacking coverage that included species, quantities and sizes for additional plant materials and proving recommendations to replace dead or dying trees and shrubs.

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