Habitat Restoration and Management

Project Title: Habitat Enhancement Plan for the River Road Site
Project Location: Chatham Borough, Morris County, New Jersey
Project Owner: Chatham Borough Environmental Commission, Mr. Lee Byrd, CBEC

The Chatham Borough Environmental Commission identified a number of underutilized park properties within their municipal boundaries. In an effort to perform stewardship and to provide increased access to public open space, ASGECI was contracted to evaluate the approximately 13 acre River Road site. the focus of the study was to identify non-native species; areas of waste; and opportunities for passive recreation. In addition, the scope included providing recommendations for invasive species and waste removal; restoration with native plant species, and recommendations for public access and recreation.

ASGECI performed a detailed GPS site survey and established the extent of invasive/native plant communities, areas of waste, and regulated features including wetlands and flood hazard areas. Plant and wildlife communities were inventoried. ASGECI worked with park/recreation planner, Kinsey Associates, to prepare a conceptual design plan that included: a small parking area, community gardens, a rain garden, a native plant display garden, and a pedestrian trail leading to a kayak/canoe launch. We also provided recommendations for waste and invasive species removal, replanting with native plant species and wildlife and habitat improvement features. ASGECI developed the designs in a manner that would avoid impacts to natural areas and reduce the need for regulatory permits. A PowerPoint presentation of our findings was provided to the Environmental Commission, Planning Board and the community at large.

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