Wetland Delineation and Functional Assessment

ASGECI is a recognized leader in wetland delineation and permitting. ASGECI has performed over 2000 wetland delineations and studies in 11 states. We can perform a preliminary wetland investigation to obtain a rapid assessment of the extent of wetland on a property to assist in property acquisition decisions or project feasibility studies. We can also perform a detailed field delineation of a property site to facilitate project design and permitting.

Wetland Studies have been performed for all sizes of parcels, from a 2700 acre multipurpose development site, a 35 mile linear transportation corridor to less than one acre properties. Our field staff is experienced in performing delineations in multiple physiographic areas with complex soil types.

ASGECI prepares applications to state agencies, such as NJDEP for a Letter of Interpretation, to have the wetland findings verified, which can expedite the project planning process. We are also experienced in applying for Jurisdictional Determination requests from US Army Corps of Engineers and other state agencies to identify an agency's jurisdiction of wetlands, water bodies and wetland buffers for a project area to assist in project planning and to identify any permits required for the project.

ASGECI staff are certified in wetland delineation by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Rutgers University. Our staff also includes a Certified Soil Scientist, required for wetland delineation in Connecticut.

ASGECI staff are also trained in wetland functional assessment. We developed and applied a wetland rapid assessment methodology for use in wetland mitigation site evaluation and have participated in development of HGM Model in New Jersey.

Resolution of Violations
ASGECI assists property owners in the resolution of land use violations by communicating with the appropriate resource conservation agencies; performing field investigations to determine if a violation has in fact occurred or to determine the extent of the violation; preparing the required applications for Federal or State permits to authorize the activity after the fact; or designing restoration plans.

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