Wetland Mitigation and Restoration

Project Title: Global Landfill Superfund Site
Project Location: Old Bridge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Project Client: Golder Associates, Inc.

The Global Landfill Superfund Site is a former solid waste landfill that operated between the years of 1968 and 1984, when it was officially closed. The site is proposed for remediation activities including permanent closure and capping in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980 and as amended under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986. ASGECI performed the delineation of tidal and freshwater wetlands on the approximately 58-acre project site and prepared a wetland and coastal permit equivalency application for submission to the NJDEP required to address 3.96 acres of tidal wetlands disturbance to result from proposed remediation activities. ASGECI also designed a tidal wetland mitigation plan, oversaw construction performed wetland planting and post construction monitoring.

ASGECI prepared a combined NJDEP permit equivalency application for Freshwater Wetlands General Permit #5, Waterfront Development Permit, Coastal Wetlands Permit, Water Quality Certification and Coastal Zone Consistency including a Statement of Compliance with the NJ Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act rules and NJ rules on Coastal Zone Management. NJDEP approved the delineation of wetlands on the site and issued concurrence with the permit equivalencies. ASGECI also oversaw performance of a Phase 1A cultural resources survey. To satisfy NJDEP permit equivalency requirements, ASGECI explored options to satisfy the wetland mitigation requirements. ASGECI performed a wetland mitigation site search and evaluated 60 individual sites within Watershed Management Area 12 (HUC 02030104060010) which includes the project impact area. A 9.0 acre site was identified and acquired in order to partially satisfy the compensatory wetland mitigation requirement. This offsite mitigation site included some high value uplands and approximately 6 acres of degraded wetlands dominated by common reed (Phragmites australis). ASGECI performed a site analysis, including tidal cycle monitoring and collection of biological benchmark elevation data and prepared a tidal wetland mitigation design for the site which included tidal marsh enhancement and construction of a tidal channel. Because the offsite mitigation project did not provide the entirety of the required wetland mitigation, ASGECI also prepared a monetary contribution proposal for the New Jersey Wetlands Mitigation Council in order to satisfy the balance of the compensatory wetland mitigation obligation, which was subsequently approved.

ASGECI obtained final approval of the Global Landfill Wetland Mitigation Project design from the NJDEP in November 2010. In preparation for the proposed wetland enhancement, ASGECI completed a NJDEP Aquatic Pesticide Application Permit to authorize the application of Habitat™ (imazapry) and AquaNeat™ (glyphosate) to stands of common reed within the mitigation site. ASGECI obtained the NJDEP Aquatic Pesticide Application Permit and provided oversight of the commercial herbicide applicator in September 2010 in advance of the proposed construction activities. ASGECI provided oversight of construction and planting activities during 2011. ASGECI provided planting services and supervision for the installation of over 55,000 native salt marsh and scrub-shrub brackish fringe plants. ASGECI is currently performing post construction maintenance and monitoring services for the requisite 3 year period including renewal of the NJDEP Aquatic Pesticide Application Permit and spot treatment of common reed as required. The site is currently in the final monitoring year and is anticipated to achieve final acceptance from NJDEP. The site will then be donated to Cheesequake State Park, who will act as the long-term steward of the property.

At the Superfund landfill site, ASGECI also performed a quantitative vegetation monitoring survey, collected sediment samples for chemical and bioassay analysis for a toxicity assessment and performed benthic macroinvertebrate sampling.

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